Highland Tarot
"Cead Mille Failte"
A Hundred Thousand Welcomes


Ant : Patience, diligence, work and loyalty

Antelope : Speed, grace and awareness of ones surroundings

Armadillo: Boundaries, objectivity's, personal protection

Badger: Aggressiveness, passion, drive

Bat: Death & rebirth on a  personal & Spiritual level

Butterfly: Self transformation, balance, grace & beauty

Cat: Guardianship,detachment, sensuality, mystery, magic & independence

Cheetah: Swiftness, insight and focus 

Cougar: Leadership, loyalty, spiritual strength, fearlessness

Deer: Gentleness, compassion, kindness

Eagle: Spiritual enlightenment, clarity of vision, spiritual messenger, inspiration, healing and creation

Fox: Camouflage, adaptability, integration, family

Frog: water, rain, cleansing, song

Hawk: Messenger, truth seeker, clear vision, heightened awareness

Hummingbird: Joy, the ability to see beauty in everything

Horse: Speed, endurance, freedom of spirit

Moose: Stamina, speed, energy, pride

Owl: Insight, magic, lies, deceit and death

Porcupine: Self protection, memory, security, innocence, humility, renewed sense of wonder 

Rabbit: Fear, fertility

Snake: Life cycles, transformation, growth, sexuality, rebirth

Skunk: Reputation, respect, caution

Salmon: Rebirth, renewal, knowledge, strength and determination

Wolf: Pathfinder, courage, teacher